Virtually No Makeup – Gisele Bundchen

We have to admire Gisele Bundchen – she showed up at the MET Gala with almost no makeup on! Eyeshadow on her eyes, bronzer for sure, but other than that, her look remains pretty minimal. No heavy foundation, freckles showing and all. And you know what? I definitely think that she’s one of the best looking celebs at the MET Gala. When you’re that good-looking, why mess with it?

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2 Responses to Virtually No Makeup – Gisele Bundchen

  1. prissy says:

    I admire her natural beauty. she is always so natural and effortless. and when she dolls up to the max, whoa watch out everyone haha

  2. This shows how gorgeous she really is 🙂 Even with no make up on, she is still beautiful and she can still be a head turner.

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