Vogue Beauty

I’m drawn to books about beauty products I guess, and I’m really enjoying reading Vogue Beauty.  The book is written by a team of beauty writers and editors and features information on how beauty has changed through the past few decades, what technological advances have been made, and even has a section on “scent” which is informative and very well-written!

The book is a serious read rather than a fun one and really gives you a cerebral approach to beauty.  There are a bunch of how-to’s in here, but they’re accompanied by pictures of the final products rather than those that show steps as you go along.

Indeed, one of the things that this book is missing is more images!  It would have been nice to see actual ads from the decades that they talk about in this book and some original pictures from Vogue would have been a nice addition.

Regardless, this is a great coffee table book with lots of interesting information in it.  It’s nothing that you couldn’t read about in the latest Vogue magazine, or any magazine for that matter, but it is nice to have all that information at one place and at your fingertips.

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