We Tried It! Latisse! (With Pictures!)

When I was working on a makeup counter, we used to have a serum that was called a lash conditioner; that is, something that moisturised your lashes and helped them to not fall out as easily. Did it work? Not really. I suppose if you had natural lovely, thick lashes, it would maybe enhance them a bit, but the majority of my clients were ladies that had thin, short or sparse lashes that wanted something that really worked, and would give them WOW lashes without falsies, and there are so, so many products out there that claim to make your eyelashes thicker, longer and more fluttery, but there’s really only a few out there that really work.

Latisse is the first and only eyelash enhancement product to be FDA approved thus far.

Latisse’s main purpose is to work by extending the lash cycle, and not only does it work, but it works WELL, better than anything else I’ve ever tried.  By extending the lash cycle, Latisse causes your lashes to NOT fall out – so they just keep on growing.  The proof is in the mirror, and if a lash does fall out, if you see it you can definitely notice how absolutely long and thick it is compared to how your lashes were before.

I didn’t inherit my mother’s lovely thick lashes and therefore have an appalling amount of time in my life applying false lashes, searching for fantastic mascaras and trying eyelash thickening serums.

Latisse is produced by Allergen, and contains Bimatoprost, which was originally used to treat Glaucoma and manage ocular pressure. A lovely side effect of this medication was that patients often began growing these fantastically long, thick eyelashes because as they were putting the medication into their eyes, some would get into their lashes.  Now, Latisse is applied almost like a liquid liner right at the base of your upper lashes for a minimum of eight weeks before you start to see results – officially, anyway.

I started to see results way before eight weeks, at around the four week mark. I’d been using Revitalash, a Latisse competitor prior to that, but it’s honestly not even comparable to Latisse. With the Latisse, you can see visible results. It’s not a ‘maybe they’re longer?’ sort of product. You can literally see the results and you will notice a difference within a few weeks.

I picked up my bottle from the fantastic Dr. John Arlette at the Total Skin Care Centrein Calgary, Alberta. He was happy to answer any questions I had as well, which was fantastic because I spent about an hour reading bad Latisse reviews before I went to see him.

What are potential side effects? There are of course, more serious side effects to any drug, and for Latisse, those include redness of the eye, hyperpigmentation where the product is applied and lash fallout and discoloration of eyes. These side effects are mostly due to an allergy to something in the product, which is why Latisse is a prescription only product. Your doctor should check out any weirdness that you notice, just in case.  Dr. Arlette also said that hyperpigmentation only happens if you get the product in your eye and if you apply as directed, you shouldn’t see this side effect.

The most common side effect is irritation where Latisse is applied, and according to Dr. Arlette, this is very common and usually just fades after a while. But of course, have your doctor check it out just in case.

A lot of other reviews I read prior to using Latisse complained about lashes falling out at around the 6 month mark, leaving users with thinner, sparser lashes than before. I brought this up with Dr. Arlette as well, and he explained that Latisse does not permanently make your eyelashes longer; it simply extends your eyelash growth cycle (typically about 4-8 weeks). When users noticed their eyelashes falling out, it wasn’t that the product was making them fall out, it was just that the lash had fallen out naturally at the end of the growth cycle.

That’s the other thing: when you stop using Latisse, your eyelashes will slowly go back to their normal length and thickness. You sort of pick your poison in this case, Latisse will give you beautiful lashes, but only as long as you use it.

One bottle (roughly 2 months’ supply) costs $150 at the Total Skin Care Centre, which isn’t exactly thrifty, but the one bottle lasted me longer than eight weeks, and I wasn’t using it sparingly. Since the end of the eight week period, I’ve sort of gotten lazy and I apply it probably every other night instead of every night now, which seems to be enough to maintain the results achieved.  If you’re a klutz with the false lashes and want longer lashes without the work, then this is worth it.  I would especially recommend using it months before a wedding or special event because the effect is lovely, but I can’t see myself using the product for the whole rest of my life.  That said, I would rather use this than any other lash serum that doesn’t work anyway.

Have you tried Latisse?  Now that you know that it’s safe and it works, are you interested in trying it?

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About Wynzie Chai

Wynzie Chai is a freelance writer specializing in beauty and lifestyle articles. She has also worked as a makeup artist for several years, both freelance and on makeup counters, and has a Bachelor of Communications Degree from the University of Calgary.
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33 Responses to We Tried It! Latisse! (With Pictures!)

  1. Kathy Smith-Woodcock says:

    I have often wondered about these lash building products that seemed to flood the market a few years ago. They are fairly pricy and while I wondered how effective they actually are. I have very long full lashes they are just very light in colour and dont really show up ,uch without mascara. I do fuss with mascara and it is the one cosmetic item I always eplace every several months, I dont find that the expensive products are necessarily better it just depends. Also as I have seen mention made here dome work well for a short time, never can tell. Right now I have a fair number to use up as I dont open till I use as they fry out. I have a mascara sampler from Xmas that Shoppers was doing, almost finished now. I also had a couple of GWP products and 2 full size Lise Watier from a kit and as a gift for taking part in an eye cream trial. Originally I bought a mascara from Avon with a serum underneath and it was great! The few I tried after that didnt work out well.
    My biggest wish would be to learn to operate an eyelash curler.
    I appreciate your detailed review as a close friend of mine has been trying to find something that will be effective, she has tried a couple of things and was discouraged . I have sent this link to her she will be pleased!!
    Like your website a great Canadian source, keep up the good work

  2. Lydia says:

    I wasn’t too impressed with Wynzie”s photos of her eyelash growth. Not that much difference! Besides, the idea of all your eyelashes falling out for a couple of weeks until they grow back does not appeal to me at all. I’ll stick with my lush, regular length lashes and be grateful for what I have naturally!

  3. Henna says:

    Hi Lydia,

    Just to reiterate: this serum does NOT make your lashes fall out.

  4. Jada says:

    Thanks for the detailed information! I was browsing for a skilled clinic in Calgary to get Juvederm lip injections and found Britannias Dermedics clinic and found LATISSE under the services they provide, googled that and found your Blog and kind of got discouraged. Have you continued to use this product longer? The thought of my lashes falling out turns my stomach and i wanna know if this is true. If you can email me and lets talk!:)


  5. Henna says:

    Hi Jada,

    read a little closer: we did not experience any lashes falling out because of Latisse, and Latisse does not cause lashes to fall out.

    Take care


  6. Gillian Linard says:

    I was going to try Latisse but didn’t want to risk my blue eyes getting pigmented. I chose Revitalash and yes, it took 10 to 12 weeks to see results but now my lashes are black, thick and OVER half an inch long.
    As the nice greedy Allergan people have sued Revitalash, I and all of my friends had to stock up on it until Revitalash can change their *packaging*
    Everywhere I go, every single day, at least one person raves about my eyelashes.
    By the way…..Revitalash only costs about $100 for a six month supply.
    I expect this to be deleted but hopefully not until a LOT of people have read it and realised that they are getting ripped off by Latisse.

  7. Henna says:

    Hi Gillian,

    I saw no reason to delete your comment – maybe other people will want to try Revitalash.

    I’ve tried both products and they’re totally different. Latisse has actual medicine in it so that’s why it’s more expensive. Revitalash is available at a cosmetics counter, so in my experience it didn’t work that well.

  8. Revitalash has the same ingredient that is in Latisse, it is a prostaglandin analog called Bimatoprost, same as in glaucoma medication. Allergan does not want you to know this as they manufacture Latisse and Revitalash was first to market. They both do exactly the same thing, only Revitalsh is more affordable. Also it is Rapidlash that is at cosmetic counters, not Revitalash.

  9. Hope says:

    $150 for two months? Over one billion people are trying to survive on $35 a month. How can anyone in good conscience spend $150 on their eyelashes? How do you explain to someone starving to death that you chose to spend the money that would save them on your EYELASHES!!

  10. Henna says:

    Clearly if that’s your point of view, you’ve surfed on to the wrong site…

  11. Ali says:

    I live in nova scotia halifax canada and i want to buy latisse how would i get it because its not avialbele in my area and how much is the price

  12. Mel says:

    I live in Ontario and I have tried two well known Pharmacies in search of Latisse. Neither have this product in there system. Where would I be able to purchase it.

  13. Henna says:

    You have to go to a dermatologist to get it. Most med spas that have a doctor on site to prescribe it will carry it.

  14. My name is Joyce and I am a dermatology resident. After having several patients ask me questions about Latisse, I wanted to try it for myself to better answer their questions. I published the result (pictures included) of my 9 month experiment with Latisse here: http://www.teawithmd.com/2014/09/review-of-latisse/. I also go over the side effects, indications, and the science behind Latisse. Enjoy!

    A doctor’s guide to health & beauty

  15. Henna says:

    Thanks for your comment, Joyce! I’m glad you liked Latisse too! Check out the link, everyone, Joyce has a nice blog.

  16. Ren says:

    Hello, I’m Ren ,I like to know how can I buy latisse ?

  17. Delores Skoropat says:

    I have been using this product for 2 years and I absolutely love it! It is easy to apply and I guarantee it works. Be patient and consistent especially for the first 6 weeks after that you can do it every second night

  18. Diane McMinn says:

    Do I need a prescription? I have used this product before in Ontario but I now live in Shediac New Brunswick. Could I order more from you?

  19. Diane McMinn says:

    Do I need a prescription? I have used this product before in Ontario but I now live in Shediac New Brunswick. Could I order more from you? Forgot what you emailed back with an answer the my question.

  20. Henna says:

    You can’t order it from me. You don’t need a prescription but you can only get it once you meet with a doctor.

  21. Valerie says:

    Did you notice your lids getting red? I talked to a doctor who sells it in Calgary and she mentioned that both she and a couple people in her office get red eyelids that stays until the product is discontinued. Or did you notice any other long-term side effects? Like darker eye bags?

  22. Henna says:

    I didn’t get any side effects. I hope things go good for you if you try it!

  23. Dianne says:

    I tried Royal Lash brand and it worked but it doubled in price by the time I was done with the first purchase. My lashes remained the length and fullness that was achieved during use. I was recently diagnosed with glaucoma so I was prescibed Lumigan (0.01% bimaprost) and manufactured by the same co. as Latisse. My prescription is covered by insurance so I pay nothing out of pocket. I guess that is the bright side!

  24. Pat Conway says:

    Hi, I have very thinning hair, would this product promote hair growth on your head? Thank you. Patricia

  25. Henna says:

    Hi Patricia

    You get such a tiny amount of product that there’s really just enough for your lashes.



  26. Melisza says:

    I used cheap version of Latisse – Careprost from “GETLASH247” ❤️ (You can search for this on Google) but I’m pretty sure both product (Latisse and Careprost) act the same way since they share the same active ingredient. My short Asian eyelashes can now hold their own against other people’s eyelashes! They definitely became longer, fuller, and darker. Of course, no review should be completed without cons and warnings.
    1. I felt a pressure on my eye during the first and second week. It faded around week 3-4.
    2. The area around my eye can get irritated so I used Aquaphor to soothe it.
    3. Pigmentation on eyelids is a common side effect. For my skin tone, it looks like I’m wearing permanent eyeshadow.

  27. Barb says:

    Hi there! I just finished Chemotherapy and I am losing my lashes now. It was recommended to me to try Latisse. Is this available in Ontario? If so, where do I tell my oncologist it is available?

  28. Henna says:

    Hi Barb, it’s available all over Canada. Lots of dermatologist’s offices carry it along with medi-spas and the like. Your oncologist shouldn’t have a hard time finding it. Literally tons of doctors have it and you can walk in and purchase anytime you want.

  29. Doreen Lamoureux says:

    I am thinking about trying it out but have to say… your lashes look much thicker in the second picture and much thinner in the third picture. Now I am not sure. Ugg

  30. Henna says:

    I think there is makeup on her lashes in the first and second picture. The third, the lashes are longer but no mascara on them so they look thinner.

  31. Barbara Tuffaha says:

    How to purchase Latisse
    and cost ?

  32. Henna says:

    It’s only available at a dermatologist’s office! Pricing will vary depending on where you get it.

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