Wellbeing at The Body Shop

If you caught my article last week about the direction in which The Body Shop is heading, then you already know that they’re very interested in promoting their involvement in protecting and caring for the environment.

They recently did a survey asking people what they thought about saving the environment and how important it was to them. According to the survey:

“In Canada the findings revealed that 77% of consumers are making more purchasing choices based on the corporate behaviour and ethics of a company than they were five years ago and 40% of those polled say that they make those decisions on a weekly basis.

Other findings included:
68% of respondents cite quality of goods and trust in the brand as their criteria for buying a product
34% say they purchase based on the ethical reputation of a company
35% say price and value is their criteria for purchase”

Personally, I had no idea that corporate behaviour mattered so much to everyone, though I admit that it does matter to me!

The Body Shop is also launching an initiative on Facebook to sign a “Together & Fair” Pledge. When you sign the pledge you commit to tell at least 1 person a week about a new ethical service or product that you’ve discovered. It’s a neat idea, and if you’re already on Facebook once a day, you should try to participate in the pledge.

The pledge launches today and its objective is to help spread the word about ethical products and services.

To help celebrate this launch and the results of their survey, The Body Shop is giving away a basket of products from their Wellbeing range to CanadianBeauty.com readers!

I’ve used some of the products myself, and they are quite a change from the fruity/floral Body Shop scents of yore.

As you can see in the above image, the product line is divided into 4 product lines – Total Energy, Divine Calm, Deep Sleep, and Gently Purify. I would tell you which line is my favourite, but the truth is that I love all the scents. I use the Total Energy body wash in the morning and its peppery scent does a great job at waking me up. I use the Deep Sleep body oil at night, and its lavender scent is calming and just the right strength.

But don’t take my word for it: enter the contest to have a chance at winning the products yourself!

Now for the contest: I want to know what you’re doing to help the environment. I mean, above and beyond recycling and trying not to use paper cups and water bottles so much, are you actively making choices that will benefit the earth in the long run?

Personally, I like to take public transit whenever possible, and ask to receive as much documentation as possible in email format rather than paper.

Enter your answer here, and you could win a basket of goodies from The Body Shop’s Wellbeing range! The basket has a value of $100 and the contest ends on Sept. 10, 2008 at 12pm.

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6 Responses to Wellbeing at The Body Shop

  1. Erin H says:

    Hi Henna,
    The new lines look great! I’m definitely going to go check them out.
    A coworker and I set up a recycling program at our office. We used to throw out garbage bags full of paper every week! It’s at a much more manageable level now.
    Erin H.

  2. Henna says:

    Wow, Erin, that is fantastic! Please enter your information and answer in the form above, so that you are eligible for the prize.

    Good luck!

  3. Betsy says:

    What a great contest Henna!

  4. Shelley says:

    Great contest, people should ALWAYS be conscience of the environment, I’m glad that you are supporting The Body Shop and other companies mindful of the Earth’s plight.

  5. Marcia Samuda says:

    I would love to win this prize.
    Thanks for posting this contest.

  6. DIAN A says:

    I have always supported enviromently and organic companies.
    It’s wonderful to see it becoming more

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