Wen Hair Care Review

Have any of you watched Flipping Out? I love Bravo TV and for a while I was obsessed with that show – going through renovations on my own, I could relate to Jeff Lewis!

But then do you remember when they renovated the Chaz Dean salon? And remember Chaz Dean, who was a character himself?

Well, Chaz has a haircare line called Wen, which is something completely apart from everything else that’s out there. The line is based on a conditioner-only system. There’s no shampoo, just a conditioner that you use to actually clean your hair. The conditioner is specially formulated to clean, but it’s super gentle because it has no detergent in it, not even the usual sulfates that conditioners usually have to help them wash clean.

You simply get in the shower, thoroughly wet your hair, apply conditioner throughout, and massage into the hair adding water as you go for a foaming effect. Rinse and repeat, if needed.

There’s no need to follow up with a conditioner, because you haven’t used a detergent to strip your hair of any oils.

I have to say that I thought that this was the perfect product for me, but after using it I just wasn’t sure.

You see, the system is specifically designed for dry and damaged hair, because it prevents more damage from occurring through the cleansing process. It also heavily hydrates the hair and leaves it very moisturized.

That said, it doesn’t give a nice squeaky clean like a normal shampoo and conditioner does, and I really missed that! My hair felt more moisturized, but the roots still felt kind of greasy. In fact, I like to wait a couple of days before I wash my hair, but when I used this I found that my hair was pretty oily after the first day and needed a washing. What I wanted all along was a thorough cleanse, but this product couldn’t provide me with that, so even washing my hair wasn’t as cleansing as I would have liked!

All said and done, I’m not sure that this process really matches my lifestyle and my hair. I like a nice thorough clean so that I can get a nice voluminous blow-out, and I couldn’t achieve that effect with this product. If you’ve seen Chaz Dean on TV or in magazines, you can see how his hair has a “set” kind of look to it – it’s clear that he uses his own products, because his hair doesn’t seem that touchable and fresh.

If you wash your hair every day (and I certainly used to when I worked out a lot more), this is probably the perfect product for you – it won’t strip your hair and will leave it clean enough for a day. But if you sweat a lot, especially in the summer, or you have oilier skin and hair, you might want to use this system only once in a while when you find that you’re washing your hair more than usual.

I have not seen Wen at salons, but you can pick up the system through their website.

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14 Responses to Wen Hair Care Review

  1. DelVel says:

    Currently using Wen and even though I have dry, frizzy, thick, curly ringlet hair, the Wen product made my hair DRY, UNCONTROLABLE, FLYAWAY AND HARD TO COMB THROUGH. So, I dont think your review is as accurate as it should be.

  2. Henna says:

    That’s not the experience I had, so I will stand by my review.

  3. Michelle says:

    This product is disgusting and horrible!! not to mention getting ripped off and them charging your credit card whatever they want ! I do not recommend this product it makes your hair greasy and unmanagable… I had to wash my hair 3 times before the product came out… aweful just aweful stuff!!

  4. Sabrina says:

    I will NEVER buy from this company again, their customer service is horrible. They honestly don’t know what they are doing, and the members at corporate are complete assholes. I bought the product and tried to get my refund and I wasn’t able to get it, because false information was given to me. Poor consideration for their customers!

  5. joy says:

    When my first order arrived, everything was the mint but the actual shampoo..it was Fall Pumpkin Ginger. I hate the smell of ginger and felt they were just offloading oldf stock. Its SPRING! i called, they were very helpful, told me to keep the original and they would send me a replacement and they did. Now my next order comes in with 2! bottles of Pumpkin/Ginger. Again..old stock? They are advertising a spring Lavendar. Why didnt i recieve that? As for the product..i have dry/frizzy/very curly hair. I can go days without washing b/c of this/ It takes forever to straighten so when i do i leave it for 3-5 days. Not with Wen, my hair feels dirty and heavy within 2 days. I stopped using all the other products they sent, because they were way to heavy and greasy. I gave them away and everyone i gave them too has passed them on b/c they didnt like any of them either. And it smells like Buckleys cough syrup. yuk! they sent me a forn to do a survey, i was respectful but honest. Lets see if it appears on thier web site with the others.
    Try at your own risk…and i have not read any reviews now that anyone got their money back with the gaurantee.

  6. Britishblend says:

    I too had an unfavourable experience with WEN. I have waist length hair and it has always had a mind of its own. After reading the blurb I thought this was the product for me. It burned my scalp, I spent a hour with my head under running cool water and it still burned all night. It left my hair a tangled mess, unable to comb through, it was dull and frizzy. I am still trying to get them to stop the ‘replenishment’ shipments and stop charging my credit card. I may have to cancel my card to stop them. I have called and written with no response. Now the message comes on that they are having ‘technical difficulties, call back later’. What else can I do?

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  8. April says:

    I purchased this product for my son as a Christmas gift. He is very particular about his hair. I wish I had known about the potential side effects of this product and I would love to know why it is being sold in Canada when tow of the ingredients are on the no no list for selling here.
    Anyway, my son had gorgeous, thick hair with curls…..in under two weeks with no warning he woke up with no curls, straw like hair, pimples on his scalp, red spots and yes…..he had lost some hair and it thinned quite considerably. Yes, I realize he has had a reaction to it however so have thousands of others….why are there not warning labels on this product so people can be informed of what to look for or even so they may not choose to purchase? I am appalled by the things I have discovered about this product.
    My son is so upset and we are praying that it doesn’t take too long to get his regular hair back but after what I have read my hope is there is no permanent damage

  9. Henna says:

    I’m guessing that there can be an adverse reaction to almost anything, and so it would be tedious to put labels on every single product. It’s too bad that your son had an adverse reaction that was so severe! I hope that he gets better and that he figures out which ingredient he was allergic to.

  10. C Jacques says:

    I have been using WEN for over 8 months now and I absolutely LOVE the Products! Whe I was using the Regular Shampoo and Conditioners I was literally loosing my Hair so I wAtched the Infomercial and Loved the aspect of WEN being a all Natural Product. Yes I did my a Research before purchasing and said to myself right now I am loosing a Considerable amount of Hair, my Hairdresser noticed this also and she could not give me an explanation as to why this was happening. Once receiving my fist Introductory Kit, yes all the Products were in the Sweet Almond Mint Formulation I found the Scent quite Pleasing and I can Honestly say that from Day 1 of using WEN I noticed a Difference in my Hair and the more I used it my Hair was looking more Healthier to a Point where people were asks me what I was using in my Hair and I told them WEN…That was when it started, with people saying your not Afraid of your hair falling out etc. If you follow the Directions properly you should NOT have any problems. Your first Cleanse you use only half of the recommended amount of WEN,my hair is Short so,I used 3 pumps then KI massaged the product through I hair you need to add a Splash of Cold water to your hair to help the product work properly through your hair then your Rinse with what is called an Artic Rinse, this is where you Rinse your hair in Very, Very Cold Water then you Repeat and do the same Process for your Second Cleanse…With dripping WET Hair you then add a Dime Size amount of WEN again depending on the length of your hair as a leave in Conditioner after working that through your hair, you then add your Replenishing Treatment Spray I applied 5 Sprays in my hand started at the Crown and worked the Product through my Hair then I applied another 5 Sprays, next I added the Styling Cream Again depending on the length of your hair, I added a Quarter Size amount, starting at the Crown work the Product through your hair, Then you add the Mousse I added 8 Pumps and Scrunched it through my Hair, you may need to add more depending on the length of your hair, Then you can add the Glossing Serum to Wet or Dry Hair use Sparingly, if you want more Volume you can add the Volumizing Treatment Spray, which is also used as a Hair Spray…Like anything if you follow the Instructions Correctly you should not have any Problems as far as their Cust Service I have never had a Problem, they were always Very Helpful and Very Pleasant! I have nothing Bad to say about the Products or the Service. Since using WEN a lot of my Friends have Stopped using Shampoo and are now using WEN

    Product through your hair,

  11. KHarby says:

    I have fine, wavy, blonde hair and I’m a Wen convert, to the point that I’m panicking to find where I can buy more. Before my hair was dry from sun and wind. Frizzy and lifeless. I was using Shampoo, conditioner, volumizer, shine enhancer, gel & hairspray. Now with just one product, I use it to cleanse but also put a very light coat on for a defrizzer. This is great when travelling. Less to pack. Now the curl is so soft and well defined and thick. One shot of hairspray and I’m out the door. There is a learning curve to using Wen. It took about 2- 3 times of using it before myself and my hair realized that this is what moisturized, healthy hair should feel like. For my shoulder length hair I actually only use 1 pump at a time, spreading it across my hands then working it into 1 area of my scalp at a time. Top, sides, then underneath back. So basically only 3 pumps. Then I would leave it on while I wash the rest of the body. If my hair had a lot of product on it I would to a cleans and rinse, then cleanse again and leave on till end of my shower to rinse.

  12. KHarby says:

    P.S. I feel for those people that are losing their hair. Yes some can have a reaction to the ingredients just like anything else that touches their body but a lot of those people that are forming bald spots, well that’s alopecia, which has nothing to do with products used. “I KNOW” – because my daughter, who had beautiful, shiny, HEALTHY wavy hair all of a sudden turned straw-like and fell out in patches in Grade 2. She kept most of her hair through all her school years by getting cortisone injections in her head, which was painful but when she became an adult her friends talked her into just “Letting It Go” . She is totally bald now and is OK with it. She has some awesome looking wigs that she wears for special occasions, otherwise she sports the “Clean Look” for working as a Physiotherapist and doing her daily grind.
    By The Way….she wasn’t using Wen! Hair loss just happens. No doctor knows why, it’s just the way it is. People will always try to find some one or something to blame for their shortcomings and that just the way that is.

  13. Henna says:

    Thanks for your comment, KHarby! Interestingly, there was just news released of how many complaints there are related to ALL hair care products, but especially for WEN. That doesn’t mean that the complaints were founded, however, and it could be that WEN is so widespread that people just use it more so complain about it more. Or, that people who already had problems with hair, now have a problem with this too. Anyway, thanks for your comment, and just thought I’d point that out.

  14. marla says:

    I have been using wen for about 3 years or more and i have only found my hair to be stronger, 90% less breakage. There are still items i add to my regime. I am an African Canadian women of colour. My hair was dry before using wen and the guy who cut my hair told me after he was afraid it would break easily. and he was amazed after i had been using wen upon my return. He asked what was different. I now have the hair i’ always wanted, its’ past my shoulder which before would not happen because it was too dry. I have always used a little Moroccan oil and a small dab of coconut oil in my hair, its not noticeable if you use very little, and this i have always done.

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