What are BB Creams

The latest makeup product trend to sweep North America is the BB Cream.  BB stands for Blemish Balm, and is meant to be treatment and coverage in one product.  The BB Cream was developed by German doctors who wanted to create something gentle for the patients who had had laser resurfacing or other procedures.  They wanted gentle hydration and treatment but their patients also wanted coverage.  The original BB creams used minerals to cover minor skin imperfections, and they also had titanium dioxide for sun protection.  Thus, the final texture of the cream was slightly powdery with medium to light coverage. Because of the titanium dioxide, the creams had a whitish cast.

Because of the porcelain-like finish that the whitish cast gave to the skin, the BB creams became very popular in Asia where having lighter, fairer, and totally clear skin was sought after.  The BB creams gave that finish and so became very popular.

And now: they’ve made their way to North America.

Really, a BB cream is quite similar to a tinted moisturizer or a treatment foundation.  There isn’t a cream on the market that really has a lot of skin-soothing ingredients in it, or even any that can prevent blemishes.  Most of the creams offer hydration and some coverage, some even throw in sun protection into the mix, albeit at a minor SPF.

Despite having been sent some BB creams to try out, for the most part I am still using my usual treatment products on my skin, and also using my own sunscreen under the creams.  I like a porcelain-like look too, and using sun protection means that I can preserve that look.

Honestly, the verdict is out on BB Creams.  I haven’t found one that can do it all, and I use them just like I would regular foundation.  They come in such a small range of shades, that if you can find one that suits your skin colour then you’re one of the lucky few that can use it.  Otherwise, continue mixing your foundation with some moisturizer to make your own BB cream at home!

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