What Not to Gift

There are some things that people might want, but nobody really wants as a present. A present should always bring happiness into a person’s life and the very best presents are ones that surprise.

More on good gifts next week. This week, I tell you presents that you should cross off your list.

The first: anti-wrinkle creams. I don’t care how much you think the giftee needs it, how old it says you have to be on the bottle, and how expensive the cream is. Never ever gift an anti-wrinkle cream. Anything that says it repairs damaged skin, makes you look younger, and generally improves your life in some obvious way should also be left on the shelf.

The second: any kind of treatment. This includes wrinkle treatments as mentioned above, but should also include acne treatments, and foot treatments.

Gym memberships should only be given to men who actually like to go to the gym already. Giving a membership to a woman isn’t always the best idea.

Never give someone something that they “kind of” need. If they absolutely need it but for whatever reason haven’t bought it yet, then that is a good gift. If it is something they don’t need at all but always wanted and never bought, then that is a good gift. A gift that is going to be needed at one point or another isn’t usually a good gift. See: gym memberships.

If you insist on giving sets (you know, sets of body wash, sets of eyeshadow, etc.) then make sure that each and every thing in the set is something that can and will be used. If two of the four eyeshadow colours are too bright, too light, or just won’t work for the person to whom they’re being given, then you’ve really only given half a gift. Think about that.

Things that are uber-cutesy. Obviously if your gift-receiver likes cute things and already possesses a few, then a cute gift will be appreciated. With anyone over 16, not so much.

And that’s all I have at this point. Next week, gifts that I would like, which is to say, good gifts for any beauty junkie on your list.

I’m also going through my posts and tagging products that would be appropriate gifts, so that’s coming soon too!

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2 Responses to What Not to Gift

  1. Abbey November 18, 2007 at 2:27 am #

    I know that some people think they’re impersonal, but if you’re buying for a student or someone who’s struggling finacially, “useful” gift cards are good. Think Safeway, Superstore, Wal-Mart – so much better more dish towels when they already have enough of that. Of course, it is nice to get something that you won’t buy yourself or can’t afford to. Bundling a “splurge” gift card or item with a “useful” one is a good idea.

  2. Henna November 18, 2007 at 3:09 am #

    That is a SUPER point! I know that a grocery store gift card would be especially useful around the holidays!

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