What to Look For In a Personal Trainer

Over the past few weeks, I’ve learned so much from Bobby, my personal trainer at Gold’s.  Not only has she given me a workout that shows me results, she keeps me engaged because we haven’t yet done a routine twice.  Every single time, there’s something new and interesting and that makes it super fun because I never know what I’m going to get when I go to see her.

I’m not the only one in my circle of friends who has a trainer though – there are others and we all find that having a trainer is the one sure way to see results because you’re accountable to someone else.

However, I have noticed that not all the trainers are equal, and that having a good trainer can make all the difference.

Therefore, I thought I’d compile a list of what you should look for when you get a trainer at any gym.

1. He or she should themselves be fit.  You may think that goes without saying, but I’ve been at another gym (which shall go unnamed at this time) and the personal trainers there were not themselves fit.  They wore the gym sweatshirt, but you could tell that personal fitness was not something important to them.  They were just doing a job.  I’m happy to report that every single trainer at Gold’s is super fit – Bobby, my trainer, herself enters fitness competitions so it’s clear that she has personal fitness goals that she’s constantly trying to meet.  Because I’m also reaching for a goal, we can talk about things to help us get there, and I find her to be super motivating!

2. The trainer should know and talk to you about nutrition.  In the best case scenario, they should set you up with a nutrition plan and help you follow it.  Bobby spent a whole class with me on nutrition and although I was confident that there was nothing new I could learn, she actually did teach me some things that have taken my healthy diet to the next level!  Any trainer will tell you that working out is 20% of how you look, and the other 80% is what you eat, so they should be going over good and bad food with you.

3. The trainer should be tough yet friendly.  Let’s face it, at the end of the day, we all want to look forward to going to the gym, and I’m happy that Bobby was a good fit personality-wise for me.  The workout is brutal but we can laugh along the way so it’s fun.

I have about 2 more sessions left with Bobby, so if there’s something in particular that you want to know about and that I’ve missed, let me know and I’ll try to write about it next time!

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