What to Use On Skin with Wrinkles, Breakouts, and Oil

I know what it can be like when your skin doesn’t fit into a specific category. You want a product that’s multi-purpose and will cure many ailments, but there doesn’t seem to be anything marketed towards you.

A common question women have is what they should use if they have wrinkles, acne, and oily or combination skin.

The answer is easy. Use a product with glycolic acid in it or get a retin-A cream from your dermatologist. Both products speed up the exfoliation process of the skin which gets rid of wrinkles as well as acne! It won’t stop your skin from being oily (nothing really will), but it will keep your pores really clean and won’t add oiliness to the skin.

Reversa, Neostrata, and Dermaglow all make excellent glycolic acid creams and toners. I prefer a toner by Reversa because then I can use it morning and night.

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