Winter Beauty Survival

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After about 25 years of taking care of my own skin and general well-being (including the appearance) of my self, I have gradually improved upon my knowledge of what is necessary and what is unnecessary in the maintenance and improvement thereof. Here is the inside look into what I do to myself to stay pretty and comfy in the thorough Canadian wintertimes:

Use a humidifier.

It’s a slightly large investment, yes, but it is seriously worth every penny, unless you live in an already humid home.

Limit Exposure to Warm Water

Try not to bathe in water that is too warm or hot and also limit baths in warm water. This will dehydrate your skin and strip it of its natural moisture, kind of like running your body through a dishwasher; it’s okay in summer, not in Toronto winters, though.  Try to just opt out of baths altogether and just take quick showers daily. That is, unless you have naturally oily skin or hair that you need to dehydrate. I have dry skin so I’m extra sensitive in winter.

Likewise, try not to wash the whole of your whole hands all of the time with hot or warm water; just give them a rinse with cool water. Also remember to wear rubber gloves when washing your pots and pans and/or dishes in the sink.

On the same note, do not soak hands/fingernails while performing a manicure of any sort. This will dehydrate them and make them brittle.


Key in the maintenance of pretty and healthy skin that is soft to the touch. Exfoliating removes the residual dry skin that happens when you live in cold weather. I exfoliate my whole body almost daily using an organic scrubbing cloth from The Outer Layer. You may also use an exfoliating scrub product but only once a week. I’d recommend one with a cream base for winter.

Do the same to your feet (once a week) but exfoliate with a pumice stone tool.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

Try to moisturize the moment you towel off after your shower. The pores are open at this point and will absorb the product better. Use a richer cream or body butter than you use in the summer. I’ve been using Creme de Corps and find it incredibly soothing. It stops the itching associated with dry skin too.

Also moisturize cuticles every day before bed with a cuticle oil of some sort. I literally go to bed with oil on my nails. Mind you, I have problem cuticles, so oil is the only way. Use a heavy cream on your hands and shove them in gloves. Sleep with the gloves at least once a week too.

Protect Yourself from UV Rays

Of course this should go without saying, but one shouldn’t step into daylight in winter with anything less than 15 SPF in her face moisturizer and at least 8 in her lip gloss. The sun’s rays are intensified by the brightness of the snow which acts like a reflective thing which people use to tan in summer.

Enjoy Yourself

Indeed wintertime is a period of indoor activities with those we love; a time to collect all one’s friends and family together and be reminded of the good things in life. So stay cozy and close, throw a log onto the fire and drink a cup of hot cocoa and be thankful that we live in a place where top concerns include the maintenance of appearances.

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