Yes to Coconut!

fullsizerenderIf you have oily skin, it can easy to think that you need to stay away from moisturizing products, but once you actually add them into your skincare routine, it can feel so refreshing!

I love washing my face with something more creamy because creamy cleansers really emulsify oils and makeup together and then wash everything clean.  My latest discovery is the Yes to Coconut line – I’ve been using the cream cleanser and the ultra hydrating facial mask – both are super creamy and made with coconut and avocado oils. In fact, the ingredient list also includes Chia Seed oil, avocado oil, and apricot oil, meaning that this is truly a moisturizing and creamy cleanser.

The Ultra Hydrating Creme Cleanser really is for dry skin because it does leave a film on your skin when you wash it off.  If you’re used to having your face be squeaky clean then you’ll have to follow up with something foaming.  It feels like a thick rich cream going on and there’s a scrumptious coconut fragrance that goes along with it.  The mask feels very much like the cream – I didn’t dislike it but it was too rich for me.

Check out both products at Shoppers Drug Mart stores near you.

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