You Think You Love Lipstick? Well Meet Poppy King…

You think you love lipstick? Well meet Poppy King, the Australian who launched her first cosmetic company at the young age of 18. Poppy Industries consisted of mostly lipsticks and Poppy has forever been obsessed with finding the perfect formulation and colours of lipsticks.

Lipstick Queen is Poppy’s latest incarnation and it is really a lipstick collection to end all collections. Why? Because every colour that she’s put in her collection is perfection. The red is a true red that will look good on a lot of people, the nude isn’t a dead nude but a perfect browny pink nude, and the berry really does remind you of actual berries. From rust to red there’s a colour for anyone and everyone. Best of all: each colour comes in two versions. A Sinner version that has 90% pigment and a Saint version that has just 10% pigment. Basically, one’s a long-lasting matte version and the other’s a sheer lip tint.

You know you love a lipstick so much that you want it in as many colours as it comes in? Well that’s how I feel about the Saint series of Lipstick Queen. I have Saint Nude and I absolutely love it because it’s one of those colours that matches all my makeup, looks natural and pretty, and wears incredibly well.

Saint Berry is a winner as well and if you’re too timid to wear red lipstick, you should pick up the Saint Red and sport red-stained lips which would look especially great in the summer. The lipsticks have no shimmer or glitter and are just great colour through and through.

Here’s how you can find a store near you wherever in the world you live.

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3 Responses to You Think You Love Lipstick? Well Meet Poppy King…

  1. Sarah says:

    I love Lipstick Queen too!. Saints are great for day and Sinners for night! My current favorite is Rouge Sinner.

  2. poptrashbaby says:

    This is one brand that has a color for everyone!

  3. Henna says:

    Yup, this is a great brand and there really are GREAT colours that are perfect.

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