The Best Hand Sanitizer

deep cleansing bath and body worksThe best way to beat colds, flus, and viruses is to wash your hands thoroughly with plain old soap and water, but that option isn’t always available. While constant hand-washing helps to ensure that you won’t get sick or contract viruses, it might also make your hands really dry, especially in the winter.

That’s where Bath and Body Works Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Lotion comes to the rescue. In a tube sized to last you all winter long, yet small enough to keep handy in your purse or gym bag, this lotion is great to have on hand at all times. The antibacterial lotion smells great, absorbs well, and isn’t greasy. It’s light and effective, and the anti-bacterial feature is an added bonus. I would recommend using it after washing your hands or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Some hand sanitizers with alcohol in them end up smelling like alcohol or wasabi to me, which can be too strong and irritating, and discourages me from using them. Bath and Body Works Anti-Bacterial Waterless Hand Foam is a good alternative because it comes in the same scents and light formulas as the lotion. My favourite is Warm Vanilla Sugar.

You can get Bath and Body Works products from their stores or online at

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