Your Input: High vs. Low?

So, I’m going to do a post on high-end products vs. low-end products. Essentially: department store vs. drugstore… And before I compile it all, I thought I’d ask you: which ones do you want to read about? Mascara? Moisturizer? Eyeliner?

And also, what are your favourite drugstore steals?

Leave me your thoughts in the comments!!

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3 Responses to Your Input: High vs. Low?

  1. Mascara!! I think Drugstore Mascaras are pretty great. I try high end ones, but always go back to drugstore.

    I’ve never been big on drugstore moisturizers, but I do hear there’s a few that are really great. I’d love to read that one too!

    Haircare would be another good one I think.

  2. Linnea says:

    I would love to hear about drugstore eyeliners vs. high end eyeliners.

  3. Henna says:

    Thanks for your input!

    Tracy, I agree, you can absolutely get a fantastic mascara at the drugstore! I use a drugstore mascara most days…

    Linnea, I’m still out trying to find a great drugstore liner… So far, all the ones that I’ve tried are hard to apply and smudge. I’ll keep you posted, though!

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