Yummy Winter Treats

If you’re like me, the holidays are the time of year where indulgence is the world and there are good things to eat all the time!

I love trying everything and my obsession this year is Starbucks’ Eggnog latte without any milk in it, so that it’s just eggnog and a shot of espresso. So good!

Another yummy winter treat is this year’s crop of Mentha Lip Shines from C.O. Bigelow.

These shiny lip balms taste and smell so yummy that I had a hard time not using them.

There are 4 flavours: Holiday Shortbread, Spiced Latte, Butterscotch Pudding, and Warm Apple Cider, of which I’ve tried the first 3 flavours, and they do taste and smell like their names.

Pick these up at your local Bath and Body Works store, or online. Right now they are on sale: buy 2 get one free! Each one costs $7.50. Enjoy!

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