Yves Rocher French Manicure Review

Manicure kits are a dime a dozen, but for the most part, I find that they are pretty difficult to use. It is much easier to get a French manicure professionally done or even just get a French polish change which can cost as little as $5.

But if you really want to do it yourself, then Yves Rocher French Manicure products are the way to go. The white lacquer has a slanted tip so you can draw a straight line quite easily! There’s also a base coat that helps strengthen nails, and top coats in sheer pink or beige.

There are also quick-drying drops in the collection which can be difficult to find, but work like a charm. They’re especially useful here, because I found that the polish did take a long time to dry especially after I was done applying all 4 coats of the polish.

With a little practice, you can really get good at doing your own manicure and the Yves Rocher products are top-notch and much better than most of what’s available at the drugstore.

If you’re looking for treatment, the nail strengthener works well as a cuticle cream and is probably one of the best that I’ve ever tried, so stock up on that.

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