Zoya Flash and Sparkle – Summer 2010

Zoya has two great new collections out for this summer, and they are worthy of a peek because they’ll instantly bring your manicure into the season. The colours are all fun and bright, and great to wear for nights out on the town this summer.

I had a hard time picking my favourites of the collection. At first, I liked Flash because I love cream polishes and the finish for all these polishes is so glossy that it’s hard not to love them. Zoya has amazing staying power, at least for me, and it’s hard to get good staying power in the creams because it’s almost as if the polish has nothing to hold on to. Zoya’s however, stay on for at least 5 days, being completely chip free the whole time.

The Sparkle collection, of course offers more glitter, and after trying the polish Mimi on, I was in love. The glitter is major which makes this perfect for coordinating to all my summer outfits. I have a bunch of Tibi dresses that are in fun colours and are dying to get worn, so I can’t wait to match them with their appropriate colour polish from one of these collections.

I have Mimi on my nails right now, and although I love the sparkle and the colour, it’s just too bright for me to wear everyday. I love wearing a nice dark colour, or even a neon, but I tend to save the inbetween colours for special occasions.

Which leads me to wonder – do you wear bright colours on a day to day basis?

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